The Craft of Poetry

Packard, William. The Craft of Poetry. Interviews from The New York Quarterly. New York: Doubleday & Company, 1974. 340 pages. Volumes: 1 volume. Fifth Edition. 13,5 cm. x 20,5 cm.
Condition: Fine. Softcover. Perfect binding.


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The Craft of Poetry is a compilation by William Packard, published in 1974 by Doubleday & Company in New York. This book, consisting of 340 pages, is the fifth edition and measures 13.5 cm x 20.5 cm. This copy is in fine condition and features a softcover with perfect binding.

The Craft of Poetry contains seventeen interviews with prominent contemporary poets, originally published in The New York Quarterly. The book provides in-depth insights into the thoughts and techniques of some of the most influential poets of the 20th century. The interviews offer not only personal perspectives on writing poetry but also reveal the different approaches and philosophies these poets have about their art form.

The book includes interviews with the following poets: W. H. Auden, Paul Blackburn, Anne Sexton, Stanley Kunitz, Jerome Rothenberg, Allen Ginsberg, Denise Levertov, Galway Kinnell, John Dickey, Muriel Rukeyser, Richard Wilbur, Robert Creeley, Jackson Maclow, Howard Moss, Erica Jong, and Diane Wakoski.

In these interviews, the poets discuss their creative processes, the challenges of writing, and their reflections on the role of poetry in society. For example, W. H. Auden shares his views on the poet’s responsibility and the influence of tradition on modern writing. Allen Ginsberg talks about the spiritual and political aspects of his work, while Anne Sexton describes her poems as a way to express her personal struggles and experiences.

Stanley Kunitz and Muriel Rukeyser highlight the relationship between poetry and life, discussing how their work reflects their personal growth and insight. Poets like Denise Levertov and Robert Creeley discuss their experimental approaches to form and language, and Galway Kinnell and Diane Wakoski share their thoughts on the power of imagery and emotion in poetry.

The Craft of Poetry is not only a valuable work for poets and literature enthusiasts but also for anyone interested in the creative process and the art of writing. The interviews provide a unique opportunity to explore the personal and artistic insights of these significant poets. They offer readers a rare glimpse into the practices and philosophies that shape their work and the impact their poetry has on both an individual and cultural level.

William Packard, the editor of this compilation, was himself a poet and the founder of The New York Quarterly, a magazine known for its dedication to publishing high-quality literary work. His selection of poets and the depth of the interviews make The Craft of Poetry an essential reference for anyone who wants to understand and appreciate the art of poetry.

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