Ballads and Other Poems by Alfred Tennyson

Tennyson, Alfred. Ballads and Other Poems by Alfred Tennyson. London: C. Kegan Paul & Co, 1880. 184 pages. 1 Volume. [First Edition]. 11,5 cm. x 17,5 cm. Full cloth hardcover. Sewn binding. Condition: Fine. A good copy in the original emeral green cloth.


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Ballads and Other Poems by Alfred Tennyson is a collection of poetry published by C. Kegan Paul & Co in London in 1880. This first edition, consisting of 184 pages, is bound in the original emerald green cloth and is in fine condition.

The book opens with a title page dated 1880, followed by a dedication page to “Alfred Tennyson My Grandson.” It includes a contents page listing the following works: The First Quarrel, Rizpah, The Northern Cobbler, The Revenge: A Ballad of the Fleet, The Sisters, The Village Wife; or, the Entail, In the Children’s Hospital, Dedicatory Poem to the Princess Alice, The Defence of Lucknow, Sir John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham, Columbus, The Voyage of Maeldune, The Two Greetings, The Human Cry, Prefatory Sonnet to the Nineteenth Century, To the Rev WH Brookfield, Montenegro, To Victor Hugo, Battle of Brunanburh, Achilles Over the Trench, To the Princess Frederica of Hanover on Her Marriage, Sir John Franklin, and To Dante.

Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892) was one of the most prominent poets of the Victorian era, serving as Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland during much of Queen Victoria’s reign. His poetry is known for its rich imagery, emotional depth, and exploration of classical and historical themes. This collection, Ballads and Other Poems, showcases his versatility in both narrative and lyrical forms, providing a glimpse into the breadth of his poetic talent. The inclusion of dedications and poems addressing contemporary figures and events further highlights Tennyson’s engagement with the social and cultural issues of his time. This volume is a valuable addition for collectors and admirers of Tennyson’s work, offering insight into his literary legacy.

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