Libri Orfani was conceived in 2012 by the purchase of antiquarian bookshop “Joyce Royce”. Recently we’ve also acquired the complete collection of “In den Eenhoorn”, an antiquarian bookshop from Bruges that closed it doors in May of 2018. Our collection now counts over more then 30.000 books which will all find a place in this online bookshop.

We are building this website the same way the ancients built their cities, over time, with an altering plan, on top of ruins. While the dissimilarity of material may veil it, under the premise that unity in variety is the plan of the universe, the individual items that have been selected for inclusion in this website boast a collective soul.

All entries include the 6 bookselling necessities, author (or its equivalent on associated items), title, place of publication (if available), date of publication (or circa), a physical description, and a bibliographical conclusion, typically in that order.

We take our work seriously, but we take ourselves lightly, so the books at Libri Orfani are always greater than the booksellers.

Photography is always accomplished to convey a straightforward and high quality view of the item. Nothing has been intentionally positioned to hide its failings.

We never spin “fine” into a term that can safely be used for a book with faults, so we don’t use hypnotising enhancements like fine plus, fine indeed, very fine, unusually fine, extremely fine, exceptionally fine, exceedingly fine, extraordinarily fine, awesomely fine, astonishingly fine, implausibly fine, unbelievably fine, or unimaginably fine.

Libri Orfani is 100% green. All items listed for sale have been recycled, almost all of them more than once, however we do ship those books to you, which eventually causes the polar ice caps to melt. We’re sorry.

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